Venezuela (South America)

We are committed with the passion and love of God to help over 50 children who are currently without economic resources, and who are of varying ages that poverty and neglect.

Minister Monica Gray is a resident of Venezuela having taken up the call in this area of ministry.  Her aim is to help these children by providing support, guidance, building the self-esteem of every child together with academic support and preschool education.  Initially, this work was carried out in the yards of some of the children’s homes which was under subhuman weather conditions and therefore inadequate.

Minister Gray and her children currently meet regularly on the street between Twelve Apostles and the 81 Sector of Ciudad Ojeda, Danto, where there is a small plot which they have acquired but do not have any funds to build modules (rooms) to accommodate the children.  Our mission is to help them achieve that.  Will you help us by donating towards this cause?


Cascade Primary School, Blue Mountain, Jamaica

We are able to help the Cascade Primary School, Blue Mountain, Jamaica by providing necessary school equipment.

If you would like to get involved, please connect with us here.

Watford Foodbank

We support our local Foodbank , we would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to donate any non-perishable items for this cause. Connect with us here.

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