About Giving

One of the examples of the early church was their heartfelt generosity; selling their possessions and giving to each other as they saw the need. (Acts 2:45-47). The Bible encourages us to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and to be hospitable to all men. We are a church that is committed to fulfilling God’s purpose by offering our time, resources and finances which has been due to the many volunteers that work within our organisation and through those who support us financially in all that we do. We thank you for being in partnership with us.

Browse some of our ministries

  • TV Ministry

    Watch inspirational teaching and preaching from Bishop K McLeod and Leaders of Miracle Christian Centre International Church.

  • Foundation Course

    Salvation, Water Baptism, Membership, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Stewardship – Have you ever wondered what these really mean?

  • Prison Ministry

    Reaching out to inmates and spreading the love of God.

  • Children

    We believe greatly in our children and their potential. Proverbs 22:6 instructs us to...

  • Miracle Youth

    Our youth are called ‘Miracle Youth’. With regular evangelistic programs and their renowned Prayer, Worship and Pizza (PWP)...

  • Women

    Kingdom Women Carriers of Destiny are a growing group of praying women. In this group are diverse, talented women who...

  • Singles

    If you are over 30 and single, this ministry is just for you...

  • Healing

    Twice a year we run an advanced school, training senior leaders and congregations to understand the purpose of inner healing...

  • Men

    Our men’s group is called I.M.P.A.C.T. Band of Brothers.